Google for Business

Google Places

A Google Place is an online listing for a business with a physical location. Businesses “claim” their Place by setting it up within Google. Claiming your business allows your location and business name to appear on Google Maps, and in the Places section of a Google search. Users can also visit your Places listing to view more information and reviews about your company. The aim of Google Places is to make physical shops and locations much simpler to access on the web, and if your business has a physical premises then you really should have one.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful too which gives detailed data on website traffic including number of visits, visitor location, visitor behavior within the site, device used to access the site and much, much more. GA also allows site owners to set goals and targets and monitor progress over time. GA is simply a “must have” for any business which wants to monitor website performance.


Why you should set your business up on Google Places
As a business, claiming your Google Places listing is one of the most important things you can do to help customers find you on the internet……

A simple guide on the basics of Google Plus
What is Google Plus? In essence, Google Plus is basically a social platform (yes, another one!) where users can generate and share content with other like-minded individuals……

Google Authorship

As a site owner you need to protect to content and setting yourself up as an “author” is how you can do this. If you don’t it is possible that someone can lift or “scrape” your content and place it on their own site. If Google then crawls their website before yours then they will be indexed as the content originator. By establishing yourself as an author you will signal to Google that you are the originator.

Google Adwords

Adwords allows you to advertise your website within Google and other search
engines. Depending on how much you pay you can appear in the prime spots at the top of the search rankings or other less prominent positions. How much you pay is wholly determined by how competitive the bidding is for the relevant keywords

Google Plus

Google Plus is a social platform which is becoming very popular due to the level of flexibility it offers in terms of engagement, control and useful features. These features have made Google Plus very popular within the business community as it offers the ability to filter out irritating background ‘noise’ which is an unavoidable aspect of many other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus integrates neatly with other Google products.

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