Why you should set your business up on Google Places

As a business, claiming your Google Places listing is one of the most important things you can do to help customers find you on the internet

What is a Google Place?

A Google Place is an online listing for a business with a physical location. Businesses “claim” their Place by setting it up within Google. Once it is set up, Google outlines a simple verfification procedure which can be via a PIN sent by SMS, or by post to the business location.

Claiming your business allows your location and business name to appear on Google Maps, and in the Places section of a Google search. Users can also visit your Places listing to view more information and reviews about your company.

google places sample map

The aim of Google Places is to make physical shops and locations much simpler to access on the web, and if your business has a physical premises then you really should have one.

Why do you need a Google Place?

Google Places allows your business to be found quickly when someone searches for a company in a particular location, for example, “Indian restaurants in Dublin”. Google can also access a user’s location (if this option has been enabled on the device) and will return “localised” results for more general search terms e.g. “coffee shop”, “plumbers” etc, from Google Places nearby.

There is a vast number of companies already listed on Google Places, and not including your business might put you at a distinct disadvantage. In some instances, businesses listed in Google Places take up to 70% of the results displayed on the first page of a Google search. It’s worth getting your company listed simply for this reason alone and it is a relativley easy way of improving your SEO.

How can Enhance help you?

Enhance can do the necessary to set your business up on Google Places. It could be the most effective thing you do to improve your visibility online. If this is of interest to you just contact us.

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