Compared to other forms of advertising, Facebook target a specific group of people on personal interests, demographics, age and a lot more. Facebook will crawl through users profiles and place your ad in front of them depending on specific keywords Whether it be to promote brand awareness, increase likes or drive traffic to your website, through a strategic ad campaign you have the ability to reach your exact target audience which will result in a higher conversion rate unlike other forms of media. Whether you are a small sole trader or an a big brand, Facebook has the ability to send your product, brand or service in front of a global market.


Facebook Advertising – What’s it all about?!!
Facebook has brought what we have known previously as traditional advertising to a whole new level…

Here’s an recent case study where Enhance worked with the client to boost its Facebook Business Page: https://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/33848858

Enhance Facebook Services

  • Page set up
  • Design & Graphics
  • Consulting & Training
  • Facebook Video Ad
  • Insights & Reports
  • Apps
  • Facebook Advertising
    • Set up a monthly Ad Budget
    • Promote posts
    • Create a strategic as to increase likes
    • Create and promote an offer
    • Split test ads
    • Create a sponsored result Ad
    • Create a sponsored story
    • Create a page post Ad
    • Create an Ad for Mobile Only
    • Create a custom audience

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