Mobile Marketing

Over half of time spent online is now done so on a mobile device. How your customers are using their mobile devices is changing rapidly and more and more customers are using them for mobile Apps and browsing the web. Your brand needs to be mobile ready now to stay ahead!

Marketing to people using mobile devices requires a very different approach. Your strategy and tactics must recognise that people interact differently with content on mobile compared to how the same people would on a desktop.

The objective of ads may need to be different on mobile.

Mobile Website
Smartphone website design is a area more and more organisations are exploring. The growth of smartphones has increased dramatically in the past number of years and this has led to a similar growth is web access via smartphones.

Responsive Design
Responsive design gives your website the ability to respond to different screen sizes, platforms and orientations so it will look good and keep the user experience intact without having to build separate websites for different devices.

Mobile Apps
iPhone, iPad, Android Apps – offer our clients an additional resource to drive their online activities, target new audiences and increase market penetration.

SMS Marketing
SMS marketing can be used to promote brands, run competitions, mobile surveys, SMS campaigns, for viral text messaging campaigns and more. Your mobile phone is personal, nearly always on, and marketing through it is fast, reliable and effective.

QR Codes
QR are a 2D barcodes which can drive traffic for your brand and provide an instant call to action that may be decoded using a smartphone- enabled with a QR code reader.

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