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iPhone, iPad, Android Apps - offer our clients an additional resource to drive their online activities, target new audiences and increase market penetration.

whatsalonMobile Application development.

We can develop aspects of your online offering specifically for the mobile market through the creation of mobile applications.

Mobile applications, such as iPhone and Android Apps allow users access key information on your products and services and enable them to take action through the interface, whatever that action is, for example, buying a pizza, booking an appointment or finding the nearest store, etc. will work closely with you to develop your Mobile Application

  • Developing the overall schema for the Mobile App
  • Using your current brand or developing/refining a new one for the Mobile App
  • Then building the web services elements if the Mobile App needs to query real-time information on your website
  • Which pushes this back to the user and allows the potential client to take positive action

iPhone Applications


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