Re-marketing, also known as Re-targeting, is a process of targeting people who have already engaged to some extent with your online presence. It has an enhanced return and conversion rate than many other forms of online advertising as a result.

The vast majority of users on your website do not convert immediately into customers or leads.

Imagine if you could tap these people on the shoulder and give them a special offer.
 Re-marketing allows you to do that in a virtual way. You can  “remind” these people of your product or service offering by presenting advertising specifically to them. You can tailor offers to them based on what content they viewed (or didn’t view) on your website.
The users remain anonymous until they actively provide contact details but you are effectively marketing to an audience of people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services.

Re-marketing can help deliver business that may otherwise have been lost. You can re-market using text, image or video adverts to achieve optimum exposure across the web.
In an ideal world, every digital marketing campaign should be supported by a strategically planned re-marketing campaign to maximise the return of the campaign.


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