It's one thing to have a great looking website but for most companies it's about whether or not their website is working. But even that can mean different things to different companies.

Whatever it means for your company you will need the correct information on a regular basis so you can make the right decisions about your next online move. If you are responsible for managing a site, you are probably asked some common questions about the site, including:

  • How many people visit my site? 
  • How has site traffic changed over time? 
  • Who are the top users on my site? 
  • Where does the traffic come from on my site? 
  • What are the most frequently accessed pages and resources on my site? 
  • How can I find out where documents and other resources stand in our workflow process? 

At the same time, as the manager of a Web site, you might also have some questions that you regularly want answered, such as:

  • Are there resources on my site that I can remove because they are not used or old?
  • How can I find problems on my site (such as unlinked files, slow pages, and broken hyperlinks) before they are noticed and reported by users?

With the correct analytic s on your site you can get this data but then the real key to making the most of this data is turning it into information and reporting it in a format that can be understood and used by the decision makers when it is needed.



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