Online Strategy

What are the main elements of your online presence? We would suggest they are anywhere you mention your business or organisation online.

Your Website, Social Networks (linkedin, facebook, twitter etc.), other websites (you may have microsites or old websites) Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Blogs, Forums, Other?

Do you have a unified Strategy for these? Are they all part of a concerted effort, or is your approach piecemeal – are some pushing against the others – are any of these in-effective or causing the business or organisation damage ? (incorrect information, out of date events or offers etc.)

Your website should be the core component of your online strategy and should act as the hub which binds the other elements into a unified approach.

Where to Start?

Defining an online strategy can be a daunting task, we can help with this process, our 15 plus years of experience in the industry means we can bring a high level of knowledge and understanding  to bear to offer, real, meaningful support. We back this up with a set of metrics which will help define the current situation and offer practical steps to develop, implement and then measure the Strategy.

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