enhance Advanced CMS Guide

Welcome to the guide page for the enhance Advanced CMS ( Content Management System ). The CMS which allows you to manually manage the updating / editing / deleting / inserting – support text , images, web pages and files for selected areas of the site.


Front: http://cms1.enhancewebdesign.ie

Admin :  http://cms1.enhancewebdesign.ie/login

To access admin area:

Username: xxxxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxxxx

Please contact us for the username and password

Our Advanced CMS comes with the following specifications:

  • 8 main navigation pages, ability to add sub pages, Home page slider, Contact form, Google Map, Testimonials, FAQ section, Social Media Icons and a Site map.
  • The CMS will be built on a open source PHP/Linux platform. Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Digg as well as many high profile web sites use this solution.
  • The CMS is very robust and has a high level of security. The structure of the site will allow for expansion of additional modules in the future if required.

This is a Cloud based Solution which will allow selected personnel access to edit the content on an ongoing basis remotely from any pc.

Tutorial Downloads

Enhance CMS Guide

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