Facebook Advertising – What’s it all about?!!

facebook advertising

Why it’s so effective

Facebook has brought what we have known previously as traditional advertising to a whole new level. Facebook has spent years harnessing their users’ information. They know peoples interests, hobbies, family status, age etc.

Can you imagine the power of this data from an advertising perspective? When you advertise your business on Facebook you get the opportunity to put your advertisement directly in front of people who are most likely to use your product or service. Facebook Advertising offers you an alternative approach to driving traffic and the results have shown just how effective this approach can be.

How it Works

Let’s say you’re a photographer or Bridal Shop or even Wedding Cake Maker based in Dublin and your business needs to advertise. Traditionally it would be in the form of the local paper, a leaflet-drop or radio ad. Take the local newspaper ad, for example, with a distribution of 15,000.


  • How many are going to read your ad and
  • How many people will be looking for your product or service at that particular time?

Imagine you could select your Target Audience

  • Women
  • Living in Dublin
  • Recently Engaged

Facebook Advertising is a fantastic way of getting your business in front of your target audience who are already, possibly, looking for what you have to offer, leading to higher conversions which in turn leads to sales
Here at Enhance, we have various different strategies to suit your objective.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Advertising Strategies:

  • Driving Traffic to Website
  • Brand Awareness/ Increase Likes
  • Promote an Event
  • Promote Offers
  • Post Engagement
  • Competitions

Organic Posting

The importance of writing valuable content

The biggest mistake businesses make is constantly going for the sale. Ask yourself why you would “like” a page? Would you like to receive interesting posts, competitions, resources or would you rather be bombarded with the sale, sale, sale?

Rules of thumb

  • 1 in every 7 posts should be promoting your product or service.
  • Post every other day
  • Respond to queries immediately
  • Use your page as a newsletter for your community, bear in mind what would keep you interested
  • Use your page as a newsletter as such, for your community on the page. Get them involved, ask loads of questions.
  • Review your page insights regularly

Suggested Posts

By having a limited variety in your posts, your fans may get bored and “unlike” your page. We would recommend varying your posts and always try to give the reader something new or exciting

  • Images
  • Quotes
  • News
  • Tips
  • Promoting Events in your sector
  • Questions & Answers
  • Competition

How many people will Facebook show your post to?

Regardless of the amount of likes you have, when you post on your page, on average, 10% of your fans or less will see it. What determines who will see your posts is as follows

Edge rank Algorithm Score will decide

Affinity score: Facebook calculates affinity score by looking at explicit actions that users take such as the strength of the action, how close the person who took the action was to you and how long ago they took the action.

Edge weight: Every action that a user takes creates an edge, and each of those edges, except for clicks, creates a potential story. Each category of edges has a different default weight.

Time decay: As a story gets older, it loses points because it’s “old news.” EdgeRank is a running score – not a one-time score. When a user logs into Facebook, their newsfeed is populated with edges that have the highest score at that very moment in time.

Engagement Rate: The more people who like, share or comment on your page, the more of your fans are likely to see it.

Our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

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